Trying something new, and it terrifies me

OK. I went to this conference last weekend. Lots of good information… …but it also challenged me in some new ways.   In a fit of inspiration (cough…insanity…cough), I recorded … Continue Reading →


The 3 Most Powerful Words

  “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Yeah, right.   The Powerful Influence of Language Words are powerful. Words matter. They have the … Continue Reading →

3 Reasons to Love Fear

Have you ever felt intimidated by starting a new workout program or a new diet?   Do you know that feeling of “I am afraid to start it (because I’m … Continue Reading →


One Small Choice Towards Happiness

We all make thousands of choices every day – from the mundane to the meaningful. But how often do choose to make a life of purpose? Of meaning? Sounds heavy, … Continue Reading →

wabi sabi

Why Imperfect is Awesome

Nature’s Beauty There is this old, gnarled tree nearby where I live. I took a picture of it once, but the photo simply doesn’t do it justice.  For I see … Continue Reading →

eat late night

My Own Words, Back to Bite Me

  I don’t know about you, but I sure can give some really great advice sometimes.   Following it, however, is another thing entirely.   I experienced this first hand … Continue Reading →

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A few articles and an intriguing idea…

  Hi there!  Before we get into the intriguing idea, I wanted to draw your attention to some recent articles I wrote for other blogs. How Your Business Can Help … Continue Reading →


What’s Your Superpower?

Have you ever wondered, “Just what IS IT that I am here for?”   I mean like HERE…on Planet Earth.   “What am I supposed to be doing with the … Continue Reading →

“How the Media Makes You Hate Yourself on Purpose” – guest post

Hi all, The article below landed in my inbox this week and I had to share. I contacted Alex, the author of the post, and asked his permission to share … Continue Reading →

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When Marketing Messes with Your Head

Have you ever seen those fitness infomercials on TV that show you the “before and after pictures” of clients who have used their program?   The person in the before … Continue Reading →